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​​​​A Construction Process Built to the Nines

With so many parts in motion, building or remodeling a home can feel overwhelming at times.  JiAngelo has put together this step by step outline of the nine major phases of construction to help you understand how it all comes together.

1.  Designing & Planning

Existing Plans - bring your own plans or select one of ours.

Custom Designs - modify our existing plans or design one from scratch

Cost Analysis - provide pricing based on standard and/or custom specifications selected.

2.  Site Preparation

Survey/Clearing - stake the house location on site, clearing brush and trees.

Orientation - locate drives, utilities and trash container.

3.  Excavation & Foundation

Basement/Crawl - excavate all areas, installing foundation footers & walls.

Exte​rior/Backfill - damp/water-proof habitable spaces, gravel exterior & backfil, rough grading lot.

Utilities - install water/gas lines to home.

4.  Framing & Roofing

Frame/Lumber - from setting basement steel to nailing off the roof plywood.

Windows & Doors - install perimeter window & door package and ready/set garage doors.

Roofing - install iceguard, felt, roof shingles, ventilation, and flashings.

5.  Mechanical Rough-Ins

HVAC - install ductwork for registers & air returns and ready/set furnace(s).

Plumbing - install drain & supply assemblies for faucet & fixture locations and ready/set waterheater(s).

Electrical - install lighting, switch/outlet receptacle locations and ready/set service panel.

Miscellaneous - install security, vacuum, network, intercom, stereo & phone, if applicable.

Insulation - insulate wall cavities, attic areas, and band boards per REScheck..

6.  Interior Finishes

Drywall - install Gypsum board throughout, including garage(s), textured ceilings.

Trim Carpentry - install doors, base/case trims, shelving & built-ins, per plan.

Cabinetry/Countertops - install all kitchen, bath, laundry, wet/dry bar tops & casegoods.

Interior Painting - stain/prep trim & spray latex/lacquer finish.  Walls are 2 coats flat latex, typical.

Ceramic/Hardwood - install floor/wall ceramic & hardwood areas, including fireplace hearth(s).

Carpet Floorcoverings - install carpet floorcoverings throughout the remainder of home.

Finish Mechanicals - tradesmen return to final out their respective equipment.

Appliances - delivery and installation of final appliances, including garage door openers.

7.  Exterior Finishes

Exterior Trim - install soffit, facia, corner trims, window/door details, & shutters, per plan.

Masonry/Stone - install masonry products, keystones, and window/door details, per plan.

Stucco/Vinyl - install stucco/vinyl exterior siding products, standard colors & textures, per plan.

Exterior Painting - caulk all dissimilar materials and apply single coat colors, unless otherwise provided.

Walks & Drives - install exterior walks, patios, and drives.

Gutters/Draintile - install gutters, downspouts, and draintiles away from perimeter.

Final Grade - stake & grade lot, providing positive drainage and swales, as required.

Landscaping - install irrigation, plant beds, stock & mulch, as required and sod/seed lot, per plan.

8.  Closing & Possession

Final Clean/Punch Out - clean construction interior/exterior details, then reclean prior to occupancy.

Preclosing Walkthrough - a comprehensive list of items for completion and/or correction prior to closing.

After Move In - Are you prepared for home ownership?

9.  Maintenance & Service

Creating A Schedule - Even a new home mu​st be properly maintained.

120 day Service List - submit your 120 day service list to JiAngelo for review.*

Monthly Maintenance Requirements - visit our Tips of the Month section for seasonal reminders.

12 month Service List - submit your 12 month service list to JiAngelo​ for review.*

Annual Inspections - Homeownership is endless--- But an ounce of prevention will safeguard your investment for a lifetime of family enjoyment.​